Reims VS Paris Saint Germain (PSG), pick PSG

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    Reims VS Paris Saint Germain (PSG), pick PSG

    Reims lost 1-2 away

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    to Metz in the last league round, who suffered a three-game losing streak and haven’t won four games in a row. They performed extremely poor in Ligue 1. There are a lot of problems with Reim’s offense. In the last game, they shot as many as Metz, but only the penalty kick was on target. Besides, the defensive midfielder Marshall Munetsi got a red card in the later period. I am not optimistic about them.

    Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

    Paris Saint-Germain defeated Nice 3-0 at away in the last round and got two victories in a row. Mbappé was not greatly affected by the Covid-19 after his return and contributed a goal. However, Neymar is still suspended because of the red card handed in the game against Marseille. There is a high probability that Di Maria will replace him in this game.

    Data Analysis

    The handicap first odds was Reims +1.5 with medium return, and the return has risen to a super high level in the later period. Although Neymar can’t play this game and and many get injured, PSG are still much stronger than Reims. I expect PSG to win this game.

    Picks: Paris Saint Germain (PSG) -1.5


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    Paris Saint Germain (PSG) wins

    Score Prediction: 0-2, 0-3


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