Rot-Weiss Essen VS Arminia Bielefeld, hosts to win

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    Rot-Weiss Essen VS Arminia Bielefeld, hosts to win
    Rot-Weiss Essen

    There have been 23 matches

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    played by Rot-Weiss Essen over the course of the last year. They have 13 wins; 2 draws; and 8 losses. In percentage terms, they have won 56%, drawn 8%, and lost 34% of their recent matches.In this time, they have scored 1.7 goals on average per match; while conceding 1.48 goals on average.A look at their home record in this time. They have a win rate of 45% (5 wins) from the most recent 11 home fixtures. 9% (1) Of these home games have been a draw, with the remaining 45% (5) ending in a loss for the home team.On average they have scored 1.73 times when at home in this period; they have conceded 1.73.In their last ten matches they have averaged 1.5 goals per match. In this time they have a win rate of 50%. Of these ten games, 6 of them have seen both sides score. The frequency of matches with a total of three goals or more is 5 games in their last ten outings.They have scored at least once in each of their last 5 matches.

    Arminia Bielefeld

    There is a total of 31 matches played by Arminia Bielefeld over the recent 12 months. They have 15 wins; 12 draws; and 4 losses. This gives them a recent form Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 48%-38%-12%.Over

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    this 12-month period, they average 1.74 goals per match. They have conceded an average of 0.97.

    Pick: Rot-Weiss Essen to win


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